If you're like me, the week after Christmas is the season for organizing and toy purging. With the onslaught of new packages that my girls received for the holidays, there is no better time to clear away the old to make room for the new.  

Most of our old toys go directly to the local thrift shop, but if we had something valuable that the girls no longer wanted, I would hit up a nearby consignment shop or eBay to earn a little cash back. If I'm lucky, I might get $50 for a really awesome toy.

That's nothing compared to a toy collection that recently went up for sale. Of course, that toy collection was owned by Malcolm Forbes, the media tycoon, so it's a good bet these toys were of a higher caliber.

Forbes and his sons collected Monopoly sets, but not just any old version. The Forbes collection included the earliest homemade version of the game known to have survived — from 1933, when the board was still round.

Also in the Forbes collection were toy soldiers, castles filled with medieval warriors, hundreds of toy motorcycles and boats of all shapes and sizes from tiny ones to battleships. All in all, Forbes' toy collection spanned four decades and brought in more than $2.3 million at auction.

Hmmm ... kinda makes me wonder if I should hold on to some of my girls' old Little People sets. Nah! It's off to the thrift store I go!

Famous toy collection fetches $2.3 million
Malcolm Forbes' collection included boats, board games, motorcycles and toy soldiers, with many items breaking sales records for their category.