"What would you do for a moment's peace? Lock yourself in the bathroom? Leverage your house? Sell your soul? Anything? If you're an average mom, you need a moment's peace more than anyone else, and if you're an average mom, you probably feel like a simple moment of peace is also entirely beyond your reach."
It's something we've all heard. The hectic lifestyle of today's moms: juggling kids, work, spouse, home and finances, is fraying our very souls. And how many times have we all heard that we need to take a little time out for ourselves if we are going to best take care of others? For most moms (myself included) though the average day starts out with the best intentions of nutritious meals, exercise, one-on-one time with kids, fulfilling talks with spouses, and bonding family dinners, it often ends in a hectic swirl of quickly assembled meals, unwashed dishes, unexpected phone calls, and promises for a better tomorrow.
But it doesn't have to be that way. By making simple efforts to focus on the present and stay calm and cool in the midst of chaos, we can turn hectic days into calm moments, frayed souls into inner peace. That is the message behind a new book from author Elizabeth Irvine called "A Moment's Peace for Mother's: A Mom's Guide to to Creating Calm Amidst the Chaos."
In "Moment's Peace", Irvine gently walks moms through simple exercises that can be done in the car, while folding laundry, or even in bed at the day's end. Her exercises — breathing techniques, awareness attention, meditation and yoga — give moms the skills to clear the clutter of the mind and replace it with calm and clarity.
"I want to offer you my strong belief that as mothers we need to nurture ourselves, and teach you how to get out of your own way ... and tap into your intuitive natural core of strength," she says.
I've read a number of "self-help" books in the past. But "A Moment's Peace" stands out for a number of reasons. For starters, the book is gorgeous. I looked forward to turning each page and seeing the beautiful photographs that calmed my mind. Irvine's writing also captured a casual and informal style that gently guides moms through the techniques while relating to the everyday life of the average family.
Whether you're looking to escape from the mounting pressures of life, or simply looking for an excuse to nourish yourself, "A Moment's Peace" can help you build a foundation of peaceful moments that calm your life and ground your soul.