For DaShoan and Sofia Olds, seven is a lucky number. That's the number of children they will adopt in a just a few months time.

Dashoan and Sofia's story began in 2004, when the young couple got married and decided to start a family. After a few years of trying with no success, the couple looked into adoption but found the process a struggle. They decided to focus on their careers while remaining open to the idea of parenthood. Three years ago, DaShoan and Sofia bought a big, new house with lots of space, just in case they decided to try adoption again.

The Olds children DaShoan Olds says his work as a teacher and a coach has prepared him to become the father of seven children. (Photo used with permission from DaShoan Olds)

But it was on Thanksgiving in 2016 that Sofia saw a story on Facebook about seven siblings who had been separated in foster care among four different families. She posed the idea to DaShoan to adopt all of the children so that they could be together. Without hesitation, DaShoan was on board. "I really loved that idea," he said.

DaShoan and Sofia approached the social service agency and made arrangements to meet the children. "It was like an automatic connection to me," Sofia told ABC News. "It was fun. It felt relaxed, not forced. It was not uncomfortable, not overwhelming. It was like playing with children I've known my whole life."

The Olds children playing at the beach Before meeting DaShoan and Sofia Olds, the siblings were living in four different foster homes. (Photo used with permission from DaShoan Olds)

This September, after a 90-day trial adoption period, the Olds' family will make it official when DaShoan and Sofia adopt Necia, 12, Eric, 10, Erica, 10, Zavian, 9, Dava, 8, Keyon, 5, and Reggie, 4.

When I asked DaShoan how it felt to instantly become a father to seven children, he told me that it feels great. "I think my students and my team have helped prepare me for this day."

The Olds Family The Olds say they felt an instant connection with the children. (Photo used with permission from DaShoan Olds)

Florida couple to adopt 7 siblings separated in foster care
The Olds say they felt an instant connection with the seven children from the moment they met.