Tara Burner wants to make a difference in the world.  As the mom of two teens (and an apartment full of four-legged critters) Burner is always...always...busy, juggling her kids' school, work, and social activities with her own.  And she works hard to make green, natural and healthy choices for her family.  In her ideal world, Burner would like to own and operate her own uber-green sustainable retreat.  In the meantime, here's how this South Floridian mom is going green.

JS: What inspired you to go green?

TB: I want to have a healthier planet that's here to last. I've never been wasteful or materialistic so it's not hard to make changes for me. I remember traveling as a child and things were cleaner, greener, more natural. I also want to show others that they can make simple easy changes to be greener and show that being green doesn't have to be as hard as some people think it is.

JS: How do you and your family go green?

TB: We recycle, use CFL's in all lighting, unplug everything not in use, don't buy non-necessities (this one's a bit hard for Trendy Diva [Burner's 13-year-old daughter] but easy for my son and I), drive as little as possible, buy local organic foods, use water-conserving shower heads and drying racks, along with a lot of other easy to do green things. I'm currently in the process of growing a 'garden' on my patio — I have cherry tomatoes, jalepeno peppers and a lot of different herbs — basil, thyme, chives, oregano.

JS: What eco-innovation or invention would make your life easier?

TB: I rent and don't own property...that's the biggest hurdle I have. I'm limited on what I can do to be more green since this isn't my own land or property.

Florida mom is going green
Tara Burner makes simple eco-savvy choices every day to go green.