Hands down the worst part about being single is dealing with all of the pesky friends and relatives who think you need a date. Everyone from your least favorite co-worker to your nosey Aunt Lola seems to have the "perfect," guy for you. And no one seems to understand that sometimes you just need to give the dating scene a rest.

If this sounds familiar, I've got the perfect app for you. It's called Invisible Boyfriend (or Invisible Girlfriend) and for $25 a month it will give you the perfect cover story of a boyfriend — complete with interactive texts, phone messages, a back story and even a pic. The app's tagline, "Finally. A boyfriend your family can believe in," says it all. The boyfriend may feel real. But it's a joke. And it's a joke that you are in on.

In a recent Washington Post article entitled "I paid $25 for an Invisible Boyfriend and I think I might be in love," author Caitlin Dewey explains a bit more about how the process works. Contrary to what you might think, the Invisible Boyfriend app is not controlled by computers or auto-bots. There is a real human being on the other end, or actually, several human beings. When you send a text to your "boyfriend," it is routed via the Invisible Boyfriend command center and crowdsourced out for a response by a real human. It may or may not go back to the same person each time and he (or she) can't see your name or number so there are no worries that they might inadvertently know who you are. There is also no chance that you will make any kind of love connection with your invisible guy as you won't really be texting the same person. 

The idea here isn't for you to find true love. The premise behind Invisible Boyfriend is for you to have a believable enough boyfriend situation in place so that you can get your mom, co-workers or Aunt Lola off your back at least for the time being. In addition to real-time texts, your Invisible Boyfriend will send you generic voice messages to up the credibility factor. The Invisible Boyfriend team is considering adding other features such as social media profiles, postcards or the ability to send yourself flowers or gifts via your faux beau.

The conversations you have with your Invisible Boyfriend will feel real and believable. They are designed to fool your friends and your family. But not your heart. If you want a real boyfriend (or girlfriend), you're out of luck here. But if you're looking for a believable cover story to get that stalker co-worker or nosey relative off your back, Invisible Boyfriend is for you.

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