Mark your calendars! This summer, all national parks around the country will open their gates and offer free admission to the public — but you have to know when and where to go. Hopefully, you caught our tip a few weeks ago and headed out for a fee-free weekend in early June. If you missed that one, don't worry, there are plenty more to come.

Here is a list of the remaining fee-free days at national parks this year:

  • Aug. 14-15, 2010
  • Sept. 25, 2010 (Public Lands Day)
  • Nov. 11, 2010 (Veterans Day)
Almost all national parks that charge a fee are participating, but you should still check out this U.S. National Parks Service site for a list of participating parks to make sure that your favorite spot is on the list. Oh, and remember, you'll still have to pay the usual fees at campgrounds and concession stands, and any fees collected by third parties.
Free fees in national parks this summer
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