Maybe the heat outside has really fried my brain lately, but all I can say is that this cartoon really cracked me up.  And it couldn't be more timely, what with the recent release of The Story of Cosmetics, detailing exactly what's in many of the products we use to make ourselves more "beautiful" each day.

It really is a load of "poo" isn't it?  I mean why on Earth would anyone want to rub these chemicals like sodium laurel sulfate, chlorine, methylchloroisothiazolinone, or 1,4-dioxane into their scalp?  Or breath them in during a shower?  It's ludicrous.  And it's sad.  Because the only reason these chemicals are found in beauty products is that manufacturers count on the fact that most of us are either 1) too tired or busy to read the label on every single product that enters our homes or 2) TRUST manufacturers not to use chemicals in our beauty products that are known to harm our health.

If we stop buying beauty products loaded with chemicals, manufacturers will get the message loud and clear and they will stop making them.  Then maybe we will actually be able to find "Herbal" essences in the shampoo aisle.  

And that's no 'poo!

Friday funny: Sham"poo"
Have you taken a close look at your shampoo bottle lately?