Back in the spring, I wrote about the fun last day of school traditions that many families celebrate. The ideas ranged from after-school ice cream to backyard squirt gun battles. And some — like the last day of school pics — got their start on the first day of school with kids mimicking the same pose or even holding the first day of school photo to show how much they have changed.

So here we are at back to school time and I thought it would be fun to find out what traditions families celebrate to mark the occasion. I threw the question out on Facebook and Twitter and got tons of responses. Here's how folks like to mark the first day of school:

The classic photo op. Obviously, the first day of school photo was the most popular way that many folks mark the first day of school. Some have their kids stand in the same spot each year — in front of the house or on the steps of the school — to better show how the kids have changed. While others make signs for the kids to hold showing off their new grade.

Fill 'em up. A special breakfast was another popular first day of school tradition. A. Short makes homemade sausage and biscuits just to make sure that her kids will get out of bed that day. And B.Downing gives her kids a decorative breakfast with happy faces on pancakes or something similar.

After-school fun. This was especially popular for the folks whose kids had a half-day of school for the first day. P. Matuson and her kids head straight to the beach (lucky ducks!) while L. McMonigal takes her kids to meet their dad for lunch. B. Burke makes a special dinner for the whole family on the first day of school so that everyone can sit down and chat about the day.

Or nothing? A. Coltrane lamented that sadly, most of those first day of school traditions fade away by the time kids get to high school. But J. Knizewski wasn't buying it. "Well traditions don't always go away by high school! I took a picture of my kids at the house all through high school. Went from 3 kids, to 2, then just 1. I also ALWAYS took a photo of each kid as they drove off to college, car loaded up to move into the next dorm or apartment!!" she commented.

Fun traditions for the first day of school
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