The intention was good, but the execution could not have been worse.

Gap has released a line of tote bags and lunch bags intended to raise money for its FEED USA campaign. The campaign, founded by Lauren Bush, aims to raise money for the country's school lunch programs. The bags cost between $19.50 to $39.50, and for each bag bought, $5 goes to school lunch programs. The bags are decked out with patriotic stars and strips with a "Made in USA" logo on the bags themselves and on Gap's promotional materials.  

The only problem: the limited edition bags are made in China, as indicated on the tag (and circled above), and not the USA.  In the photos (taken by Thomas Martin via imagur) you can clearly see Gap's invitation to shoppers to "buy these limited edition bags, and we'll donate $5 to our nation's school lunch programs."

In response, Gap has apologized for any "inaccurate messaging" associated with the campaign.  

What do you think? Is this an honest mistake or an intentional effort to mislead the public?

[via BrandChannel]

Gap's FEED USA bags made in China
Gap's well-meaning anti-hunger campaign makes promises that its products don't keep.