Maybe you're trying to save a little space. Or maybe you're looking for a creative way to get your kids excited about gardening. Or maybe you're just trying to figure out what to do with that old worn-out kitchen pot. You're about to stumble on a new kind of gardening, where the rules are a shade of gray and you get extra points for creative recycling.  

It's container gardening — with a twist. You don't just use a terra cotta pot — you use a shoe, or a teapot, or eggshells, or ... you name it. You can bring the outdoors in — or the indoors out. And don't get too stressed about how, what or why you're growing.  

As you can imagine, this type of gardening in unusual places is particularly appealing to kids who will giggle anew each day as they water their tomato plant in a boot or their seashell zucchini.

Want to give it a try? Here are a few tips to get you started:

Choosing a container: There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing a container for your garden. All you need is something that can hold soil and drain water. Punch a hole in a pair of worn-out shoes, fill a spare tire with potting soil, or create a new use for that broken down kitchen pot. HGTV has some good ideas on the topic, with instructions for using everything from an outdoor grill to a fruit crate to a cowboy boot to plant a garden. Life on the Balcony ran a whole carnival on gardening in unusual containers with lots of great ideas such as using a teapot, seashells and a Radio Flyer wagon.

Choosing plants: What can you grow in a boot? The possibilities are endless. Grow what you like and just have fun with it.

Caring for your garden: The general rules of planting (depth, soil type, light requirements) are all the same whether you plant your garden in the ground or in a gourd. But one thing to keep in mind with containers is that you should water regularly because they tend to dry out quickly. Don't forget to fertilize regularly, too, as plants won't be getting as many nutrients from the soil as they would if they were planted directly in the ground.

Gardening in unusual places
Think outside the pot when you're planning this year's garden.