Gracie Gold has been wowing fans on the ice the past few weeks in Sochi.  She's already going home with a Bronze medal for her efforts on the Team Event.  And tonight, we'll see if she's got what it takes to bring home the gold, herself. With a last name like 'Gold,' I'm sure she's under a lot of pressure to do just that!  

Speaking of pressure, the 18-year-old figure skater has been handling the pressure on the ice with incredible grace (see what I did there?)  So no matter what she does on the ice tonight, we can be sure that America will be talking about this power-star of the Olympics for some time to come.

Want to know more about Gracie Gold?  Here are seven fun facts about this Olympic golden-girl:

1. She has a twin sister named Carly who is also a figure skater.

2. She credits her twin with making her more competitive in everything from figure skating to baking cookies.

3. She eats a small square of chocolate before she competes, and juggles while listening to music to calm her down. 

4. She decided to get into figure skating after watching some girls on the ice at a birthday party.

5. Gracie's hero?  Deaf and visually impaired political activist Helen Keller.

6. She is a member of the National Honor Society.

7. With help from her mother, she designs her own costumes to compete in.

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