Cash Cayen loves her local library. She has been participating in library programs since she was just a few months old. So she was particularly disappointed this summer when she tried to register for a robotics class that was being offered at the library and was told that the class was for "boys only."

Fortunately, Cash does not give up easily. She and her mother spoke with Timmins Public Library's Assistant Library Director Elaine De Bonis, who told her that the course would only be offered to boys because “boys academic and literacy skills don't improve over the summer break." To be fair, De Bonis did tell Cash that she could put her name on a waiting list and if enough girls showed interest, they would consider running a robotics course for girls at some point in the future.

But Cash was not willing to accept this answer. She originally planned to do an online survey to find out what other people in her community thought about the "boys only" course. But, with her mom's help, she decided to create a petition instead, asking the Timmins Public Library in Ontario to open up the course to both boys and girls.

Here's what Cash's mom had to say in an update on the page:

"Her initial goal was ten signatures, then she settled on 100, so when she saw that she had over 1000 supporters this morning she was thrilled and said 'they have to let girls in now!'."

As of this writing, Cash's petition has received almost 27,000 signatures. The young girl also received numerous comments supporting her position, such as this popular one:

Cash Cayen petition(Photo: Cash Cayen/

Most importantly, Cash learned that by speaking up, she can draw attention to gender inequality and call it out for what it is. And thanks to her efforts, the library has recanted its stance and has agreed to open up the robotics class to both boys and girls.

Timmins Public Library apology

(Photo: Timmins Public Library)

Well done, Cash. Enjoy the class!

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