It's not often that you need police officers to direct traffic at a kid's lemonade stand. But that's exactly what happened over the weekend when a 10-year-old girl set up shop to help her family rebuild their home.

Two years ago, Alyssa De La Sala's family house in Tampa, Florida, was badly damaged in an electrical fire that started in the garage. On top of that, the family says that the builders they hired to repair their home took their money but didn't finish the work. Thus for the past two years, the De La Sala family has been struggling to pull together the money to complete the repairs, even as the insurance payments that covered their rent at a local apartment have run out. Meanwhile, the family received a foreclosure notice, because specialists like the roofer and drywall company had not been paid by the contractor, according to "Good Morning America."

Even though she's only 10, Alyssa understands how much stress the situation has put on her family, especially her parents, so she decided to help in the only way she knew how: she opened a lemonade stand. But the young entrepreneur went beyond setting up a table in the yard and pouring some drinks; she also wrote a letter to her local radio station, asking for help promoting the stand.  

Not only did the show's host read Alyssa's letter over the air, but also passed on her story to the local TV station, and you can imagine where the story goes from here. By the time Alyssa set up her lemonade stand, hundreds of people had come to show their support by purchasing a cup and homemade treats. So many people came that the local police had to direct traffic.

Alyssa received donations as generous as $1,000 — all for a cup of lemonade. Local deputies reached out to businesses and delivered thousands of dollars in donated supplies for the De La Sala's home. The fire and medical personnel who originally responded to the fire at the De La Sala home also came out to show their support.

“We are so amazed. We knew we had a good community, but when you see everyone here, it is overwhelming, incredible,” Jenn De La Sala, Alyssa's mom, told WFTS-TV.

And what did Alyssa have to say about it all?

“I’m speechless,” Alyssa told WFTS-TV in Tampa. “Overwhelmed.”

Between Alyssa's lemonade stand and the GoFundMe page that her family set up, the young girl has raised $15,000 to help her family get back their home. 

Because — as Alyssa says — "when life gives you lemons..."

Girl helps rebuild family's home with lemonade stand
10-year-old Alyssa De La Sala set up a drink stand, and the response was overwhelming.