Nine-year-old Kamryn Renfro of Grand Junction, Colo., knows the true meaning of friendship. The young girl recently decided to shave her head to support her friend who has lost her hair due to cancer. Her reward for her brave decision? She got kicked out of school.

Kamryn's friend, Delaney Clements, has been battling cancer for years. But she still has not grown immune to the amount of attention her bald head attracts when she is out in public. Kamryn decided to shave her head so that her friend would not feel so alone.

The bad news is that the charter school that Kamryn attends, Caprock Academy, has a strict uniform and dress policy that clearly states that young girls are not allowed to have shaved heads. Even when the unusual circumstances were explained by both Kamryn's and Delaney's parents, the school stuck by its policy and insisted that Kamryn stay home from school as she was in violation of school policy.

But good news prevails in this story. Kamryn's mom took a pic of the two girls and posted it to her Facebook account detailing the story. And it went viral faster than you can say BFF. Thanks to some pretty large and fast social media pressure, Caprock's board of directors met last night and voted 3-1 to let her back in.

So Kamryn went back to school today. But I think the real lesson learned is the one that this brave young girl taught her teachers.

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