Did you see that headline? Did you?

It literally sends a shiver down my spine. Why? Well, for starters, because I have a 7-year-old daughter and I thought I had a good oh, I don't know, 10 years or so before I had to worry about puberty. OK, not really. But I did think I had a good five or six years of sanity left. To think that I have roughly two years before the mood swings, hormone fluctuations, and bodily changes of puberty come a-rolling my way is absolutely terrifying.

And what's even more terrifying to me is that I don't think this is how nature intended things to go. In fact, the average age of puberty has been trending earlier and earlier over the last few decades, and many health experts think chemical exposure and/or diet could have everything to do with why.

In other words, our modern lifestyle of processed foods and plastic cups could be dooming our daughters to an early onset of puberty before they are mentally and physically able to handle the emotions and responsibility that come along with it. Not to mention that earlier puberty puts girls at greater long-term risk of breast cancer.

Think I'm being melodramatic? Tell me that again in two years.

Girls hitting puberty at 9
Latest studies find that more girls are reaching puberty before the age of 10.