Headed to Disney any time this year? Or just looking for another good reason to volunteer?  

The folks at Disney have come up with a pretty cool way to reward folks for giving back to their communities. Their goal is to inspire 1 million people to volunteer a day of service to a participating organization in their communities. In return they are handing out free 1-day, 1-theme park tickets to the Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort. (Did I mention that it's free?)

You have to be at least 18 to sign up for the program, but children as young as 6 can volunteer and earn their own free day as well. That adds up to significant benefits for your community and significant savings for your family if you're planning a Disney vacation.

You do have to sign up at their website before you volunteer, and choose from a list of approved volunteer opportunities. The only catch is that you can only get one ticket per person, regardless of the number of times you volunteer. The "Give A Day, Get A Day" program begins Jan. 1, 2010, and continues until tickets are distributed or Dec. 15, 2010, whichever occurs first.  

So go on, get out and lend a hand in your community. Even if Disney isn't on your horizon this year, you'll be glad you volunteered!

Photo: Express Monorail (vacation)/Flickr

Give a day, get a free pass to Disney
Trade in a day of volunteering for a day of family fun at Disney.