How far would you go to raise money for a good cause? If you're willing to shave your head (for real or virtually) you could raise some serious change for, an organization that encourages volunteerism in young people.  

BIC 4 GOOD is encouraging people to shave their heads for charity, and they're offering a number of ways to do it ... depending upon how far you're willing to go. Submit a video of the shaving, and they'll donate $444; take a post-shave pic and they'll donate $44.  

Not willing to give up your dreads entirely? I'm with you on that one. So do what I did — shave your head virtually (upload a photo and match it to one of their pre-existing "chrome dome" shots.) A few clicks and one funny photo later and you'll have raised $4 for a charity that empowers, inspires and celebrates the next generation of global activists.  

What a beautiful cause to go bald for!

Go bald for charity
Having a bad hair day? Shave your head (for real or for fun) to raise funds for charity.