A restaurant in Italy recently made headlines for offering a discount to a party of 11 — six adults and five children — for having well-behaved children. Restaurant owner Antonio Ferrari posted a pic of the bill with the discount to his Facebook page with the caption, "It's just so unusual!" — a comment that sadly proves how common it has become for restaurant patrons of all ages to leave their manners at home. But while some restaurants hope to combat this rude behavior by banning customers of certain ages, others are using a carrot instead of a stick to attract better-behaved guests.

This isn't the first time a restaurant has offered a discount to its customers for good behavior. In 2014, the Carino Japanese Bistro in Canada gave a young family a $5 discount to reward the good behavior of their 1-year-old during a Mother's Day brunch. That same year, Washington restaurant Sogno Di Vino gave a woman a similar discount for her children's good behavior.

But it's not just kids' behavior that's under scrutiny. A handful of coffee shops across Europe and here in the United States have started offering discounted pricing for customers who say "please." Customers who greet the server first garner an even greater discount. Here's a pic of the menu board outside of CUPS Coffee & Tea in Roanoke, Virginia.

You know what else bothers restaurant servers and managers? Customers who ignore their dining companions (and their servers) because they're too busy scrolling through their phones or posting pics of their food to Instagram. To combat this behavior, some eateries including Sneaky's Chicken in Sioux City, Iowa, offer customers a discount for placing their phones out of reach during the meal. At Abu Ghosh, a well-known restaurant in Israel, patrons receive a whopping 50 percent discount for pulling the plug during dinner.

Between rowdy kids, cellphones, and a general lack of social skills, restaurant patrons around the world have gotten lazy about their table manners. And restaurant managers are fighting back with sweet discounts that will make us all say, "thank you."

Good behavior could get you a discount the next time you eat out
(And we're not just talking about your kids' behavior!)