I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a little good news.  This week has been particularly rough, with zealots taking hostages in the name of environmental causes, plastic bags gaining more rights in California than gay people, and Hurricane Earl bearing down on the east coast.

So whether your plans for the Labor Day weekend include a last minute vacation or just relaxing around the house, take some time to soak up some good news story.  Here are 5 good stories that helped me keep my sanity this week: 

Good news for schools: In a random act of good faith, the Claire Giannini Fund, donated over $1 million to DonorsChoose.org, an online education charity that allows public school teachers to seek independent funding for classroom resources via its website.  The gift will fully fund all 2,233 current DonorsChoose.org school projects in California, ranging in subject matter from literacy to math and science, impacting 67,000 children, many from low-income households across the state.

College kids spreading the green:  Twelve students from Dartmouth College have restored my faith in future generations with their innovative approach at spreading their green message.  The students just completed a cross-country 34-city tour in a solar-paneled, vegetable oil-powered Big Green Bus to spread a simple message: Saving the environment requires everyone's help, and pitching in is simple.

Green news from Greensburg: Remember Greensburg, Kansas?  It's the town that was flattened by a tornado three years ago. Many folks thought the town was finished, but as this Los Angeles Times article reports, Greensburg opened the doors this fall to a clean and green sustainable school with natural lighting, cisterns to catch rainwater, native-plant landscaping, and wind turbine out by the football field.

And New Orleans, too: The same good news is coming out of Katrina-ravaged New Orleans.  Check out this story on The Daily Green, to learn more about how 1,000 volunteers came together this week to help rebuild 50 homes for low-income families, using the cleanest and greenest technology available.

Get ready for Whoopie Weekends: Oh, and if you're looking for something "interesting" to do this weekend, why not check out the "whoppie weekends" at various Lowes hotels across the country.  The package comes complete with hotel accommodations, a DIY whoopie pie kit and a "Make Whoopie at Lowes" t-shirt  that's sure to make the kids cringe.

Good eco-reads for your Labor Day weekend
From green schools to whoopie weekends, here are 5 great stories to make you smile this Labor Day.