Like most parents I know who are trying to go green, I spend what seems like a ridiculous amount of time trying to find out which products are actually green and which ones are greenwashed. From baby food to cleaning products to toys, it seems there are an awful lot of companies out there that claim to be "green," but not that many that really live up to their labels. So how do you sort the chaff from the wheat?  Well there's a new guide in town that's about to make it all a little bit easier. is shaping up to be a comprehensive guide to all things green. Each product listed on the site is rated by the environmental, social and health performance of products and companies that make them. They take in to account factors such as the toxic emissions emitted by the company, the CEO's salary and how much the company donates to charity.

The site is still in the beta stage, so they don't have everything on there yet. But if you want to know which brand of mac-and-cheese is the greenest or which action figure toys you should avoid ... then you'll want to check them out. 

Photo: katboro

Good guide for families
New website helps parents find good green stuff on the go.