How would you like to send your kids to a summer camp hosted by Google, the National Park Service, National Geographic, NASA and the Khan Academy? Well, you can. And you better go ahead and pack their bags because that camp launches today.

Don't worry — you don't really have to pack any bags. This is one summer camp your kids can attend from the comfort of their own homes. Plus it's free, so it's open and accessible to everyone. You don't even have to register or set up a Google account. You just have to head over to the Camp Google website to get started.

Camp Google is a four-week online summer camp for kids. Each week has hosted "field trips," as well as science activities that focus on a specific theme, like oceans, space, nature and music. At the end of each week, kids can earn badges for the activities they complete.

For the first week, kids will follow along in real time as a team from National Geographic dives off the Atlantic Coast to learn about reef habitats and underwater wildlife, and they'll be checking out the remnants of a shipwreck. Other activities for Ocean Week include learning about buoyancy and why some things float while others do not, and discovering how dolphins use sound to see underwater.

All of Camp Google's activities are designed for kids in the 7 to10 range, but with supervision, even younger kids can get involved. And if you miss a week because of swim meets or vacation, you can just jump in where you left off when you get back.

The goal of Camp Google is to get kids out and exploring. It's ironic, because to do so, kids need to log some time behind the screen. But the emphasis of the program is to get kids interested in the world around them and to answer some of those tough questions that kids like to ask — like What does sound look like? and What's living in my backyard? and What do astronauts eat in space?

Camp Google starts today with the first field trip launching at 3 p.m. EST. So head on over to the site to check things out. Today's activity is a deep sea dive, so make sure to pack your snorkel!

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