Have you ever been to a zoo and seen kids (or worse, adults) taunting the animals? It seems like some folks simply can't resist roaring at the lions, trumpeting at elephants, or making oo-oo-aa-aa noises at the monkeys.  

Despite signs everywhere asking visitors to refrain from teasing the animals, kids did just that at a recent visit to the Dallas Zoo. In this video, they go beyond making animal noises and yell taunts like "You ugly," at the zoo's 400-pound gorilla. But don't feel too sorry for the gorilla. He can apparently take care of himself. 

After tolerating the taunts for a few minutes, the gorilla gives those kids the scare of a lifetime. Don't worry, nothing awful happens. The gorilla just scares the kids, and you can almost hear him snickering as he walks away from the now silent (and admonished) kids.

Certainly worth a watch ...

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Gorilla teaches taunting kids a lesson
A fed-up gorilla takes matters into his own hands when teasing kids go too far.