Do you know what kind of milk is served in your child's school? It's likely that it contains a growth hormone (rBGH) that is FDA-approved but has also been linked to colon, prostate and breast cancer.  

Many green parents steer clear of rBGH at home, but may not be aware that it is served up on a daily basis in their child's school. According to the folks at Food & Water Watch (a nonprofit agency that tracks the safety of America's food and water supplies), 20 percent of schools in the U.S. still serve milk that contains rBGH.  

How do you know what's on the menu at your child's school? Call your school dictrict's food service director to check or bring the issue up at your next PTA meeting. If necessary, ask them to make the switch to milk without rBGH.  

The bottom line: it costs nothing to switch, so why not play it safe and make sure your kid's milk is hormone-free.

Photo: Matt?!

Got (hormone-free) milk?
What kind of milk is served in your child's school?