Have you heard about these new ads from the California Milk Board? The intention of the ads is to let folks know that milk can ease the symptoms of PMS. But boy, oh boy, did they go about it the wrong way.

The campaign, "Everything I Do Is Wrong," immediately drew fire after its introduction on July 11 for being sexist, misguided and insulting to women. The campaign's hub, a microsite with the address everythingidoiswrong.com, included "pre-approved apologies" from men to the women in their lives with PMS like "I'm sorry for the thing or things I didn't do." The microsite also featured an "emergency milk locator."

I'm sure the folks at the California Milk Board thought these ads were hilarious and thought-provoking. But it turns out that the rest of us found the ads to be in incredibly poor taste. I mean really, what were they thinking? Did they forget who does the shopping? Why insult the very people that you want to buy your product?

The backlash against milk's new campaign was so fierce and so immediate that the California Milk Board decided to pull the plug on it. The microsite was scheduled to run through the end of August. But instead, it was replaced yesterday with a new microsite, gotdiscussion.com, which gives consumers info about the campaign's premise as well as information about how drinking milk could help ease the symptoms of PMS. The California Milk Board is hoping that this new site will appease consumers and help tone down the discussion.

What do you think? Was the "Everything I Do Is Wrong" campaign insulting or inspired?

Got PMS? Milk's new ads shutdown amid backlash
The California Milk Board's new ad campaign drew fire for its sexist slant.