Now that the holidays are over, the presents are unwrapped, and the family visits are finished, it's time to clear away the bows and bags, recycle the Christmas tree, and find a place to put everyone's new holiday loot.

 If your house is like mine, it can only absorb so many dolls, tinker toys, and new clothes, before it begins to overflow. So now is a great time to clear away some clutter by pulling out the old clothes, toys and gadgets to make room for the new.  

In an ideal world, I would organize all of our unwanted stuff and drop it off at the charitable organizations where it would do the most good. But in reality what will probably happen is that I will toss all of the items into a handful of boxes that will sit either in my hallway or in the trunk of my car until the stars align and I happen to have the time to drop them off at the local thrift store.

Sound familiar? Then you might be excited to hear about a new website that is helping to connect donors with charitable organizations in need of supplies. And even better — these charitable organizations make house calls.

The charities on will come to your house and pick up your unwanted stuff. For free. Now you don't have to worry about boxes stacking up in your hallway or cluttering up your trunk. These charities come to you, and you can even sort by the kind of charity you wish to support — from kids' charities to faith-based charities to those that support military veterans.

Donation Town is 100 percent free for donors and charities. The website doesn't even accept any form of paid advertising. And they have listings in all 50 states and almost every major metro area. I checked out my small town in Virginia and was not surprised that there were no listings in my area, but my family and friends in San Francisco; Jacksonville, Fla.; and Williamsburg, Va., have lots of charities to choose from.

No more excuses. Now pack up those boxes and get your new year off to a clean and clutter-free start!

Got stuff? Donating just got easier
Start the New Year clutter-free with a new website that connects you with charities willing to pickup up your old stuff.