Depression affects 6.5 million people ages 65 and over, but Internet use can reduce that statistic by 34 percent, according to, a grassroots organization that specializes in spurring young people to action.

They are asking teens to help seniors get and stay connected with their new campaign, Grandparents Gone Wired. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram — these are all awesome sites that help seniors stay connected to their families and their communities. And it's likely that you are already a pro at navigating these sites as well as other types of tech such as cellphones, tablets and Skype.  

So why not put your skills to good use and help your grandparents — or someone else's grandparents — get connected. Better yet, take a picture of you and your senior student and submit it to DoSomething, and they will toss your name in the hat to win a $4,000 scholarship.  

How's that for connected?

Check out Grandparents Gone Wired for more details.

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Grandparents gone wired
Keep seniors in your family and your community in the loop by helping them get connected online.