Prom season is right around the corner, and while the location may already be set in stone, there are likely a lot of decisions yet to made that could greatly influence the impact your particular event has on the planet.  By making thoughtful decisions and informed purchases for prom season, you can be sure to enjoy your prom without worrying that you're trashing the planet.  Here's how it's done:

Stock your toolkit: Check out Project Green Prom for a whole toolkit of ideas on adding some green glam to your big day.  The site really covers all of the basics, with info about green fashion, eco-decor, and even how to reduce waste on everything from food to cleaning products. They have green alternatives for green beauty products as well as accessories, transportation, flowers, and more. They even have tips for recycling, composting and donating items from your at your pre- and post- parties.

Sponsor-a-princess: Non-profit organizations like The Princess Project and The Glass Slipper have helped thousands of high school girls feel like Cinderella on prom night by providing free gowns, jewelry, and accessories.  If you're not planning to wear your dress again, why not pass on your dress when prom season is over so that another girl can feel like a princess on prom night?

DIY your dress: OK, maybe we all can't be like the Iowan teen who made her own prom dress out of bubble gum wrappers, but there are a lot of things that you can do yourself to green your prom.  Do your own hair with eco-savvy products, carpool with friends, or make this apicketfencelife" target="_blank">green prom scrapbook to save your memories from the big day.