The school year is almost over (hooray!) and for many students that means graduation is right around the corner. Whether your favorite graduate is finishing high school or college, you'll want to shower her with gifts to celebrate her accomplishments. Here is a list of great green gifts sure to please any soon-to-be grad.

The traveling grad: If your graduate is headed off on a traveling adventure after graduation, he might like a green backpack (made from recycled materials or natural fibers) to cart around his stuff. Other ideas for traveling grads: a small stove to cook meals from locally grown ingredients, a solar-powered radio, a water purifier, or a solar-powered battery charger.

The scrapbooking grad: If your grad loves to capture the moment, make sure she has her own digital camera.  

The shopping grad: Grads who love to shop will be happy with gift cards for green retailers. Online stores like Patagonia offer everything from organic cotton pants and shirts to jackets made from recycled soda bottles. Stores like Whole Foods are great for grads who like to shop for eco-savvy beauty products and organic food.

The penny-pinching grad: A penny saved is a penny earned, right? For grads who love to hold onto their dough, consider starting a retirement account with eco-friendly mutual funds. Check out for green investment ideas.

The music loving gradDigital music players and/or a gift card for downloadable music are ideal for grads who need to expand their collection of tunes.

The giving grad: For graduates who love to give back, try a Donors Choice gift certificate that allows recipients to choose from a variety of classroom projects that are seeking funding around the U.S. To be listed as a Donors Choice recipient, teachers write a proposal addressing a classroom need such as "Green Technology Fuel Cell Solar Hydrogen Technology Kit, so students can have hands-on experience with the energy sources of the future." The gift can fund all or part of a project.

Tease photo: chris2k/SXC

Green graduation gifts
Treat your favorite graduate to eco-savvy gifts that will get him going in the green direction.