Now that you have your waste-free lunch kit assembled, you may be wondering what to put in it. After all, it can be hard to compete with vending machine fare and French fries at the lunch counter. So whether you are packing lunch for yourself or your child, here are some great selections that are sure to please:

Pack This Not That 
Shake it up with sandwiches on whole grain breads, pitas, wraps, and bagels Boring sandwiches on white bread
Soup (in a reusable thermos) 5-day-a-week sandwiches
Veggies and dip or whole fruits like apples or oranges Chips and other processed snacks
Milk or water with lemon (in a reusable bottle) Juice boxes or sodas

Photos: Pack this lunch: amanky; Not that lunch: ulterior epicure

Green lunches: Pack this not that
Make a yummy waste-free lunch that your kids will love to eat.