Ever feel like you're all alone in your efforts to go green as a parent?  Well, never fear, the green mom bloggers are here!  I'm a proud member of the Green Moms Carnival, a diverse group of women that cover every aspect of going green.  And we must be doing something right, because last month we won the coveted Shorty Awards for best green content on Twitter
We are authors, lawyers, health experts, scientists, teachers, marketing specialists, social media mavens, and green business owners.  The group's members have kids of all ages, from newborn to college age.  Most are busy juggling school, work, and soccer practice while trying to keep it all green.  And a few of the members of Green Moms are not moms themselves but Mothers of the Earth who care deeply about the preservation of the planet for future generations.  
In recognition of the Green Moms Shorty Award win, green mom blogger Anna from Green Talk put together this amazing tribute video to introduce the world to the women behind the Green Moms Carnival.  Care to join us?   Check out Green Moms Carnival for details.