Al Gore's commitment to spreading environmental awareness has inspired millions of people to rethink how their individual actions impact the planet. For 17-year-old Ally Maize, Los Angeles' resident "green" teen and founder of local nonprofit Green Youth Movement (GYM), this was no exception. After watching An Inconvenient Truth at the age of 15, Maize was inspired to promote green living and sustainable education among her peers, and has grown the Green Youth Movement into a formidable force in the community.

To thank the former vice president for inspiring the Green Youth Movement, Maize and her fellow green teens presented Gore with The Green Youth Movement Inspiration Award 2009 a few weeks ago at the Saban Theater in Los Angeles.

"Living sustainably is something that many children and teenagers are motivated to do, but the sources for education are lacking," said Maize. "Making a positive impact on the environment becomes much more do-able when the solutions make sense and are readily accessible, a credo that Mr. Gore has worked tirelessly to advocate through his work. The Green Youth Movement's Inspiration Award is a representation of our gratitude for Mr. Gore's role in spreading awareness."

One of the goals of the Green Youth Movement is to garner the support of politicians and educators to create a practical environmental course of study that would ultimately be integrated in every elementary school education curriculum across the nation. Fifteen-year-old Chloe Mills, vice president of the Green Youth Movement put it best: "The basis of our work is to encourage individual accountability amongst our peers by providing them with meaningful and practical methods of conserving." She added, "This is a cause that we're very passionate about, and I hope Mr. Gore knows how appreciative we are of his advocacy efforts. It is truly inspirational."

Green teens honor Al Gore
Green teens present Former Vice President Al Gore with an "inspiration award" for his work in motivating the next generation of environmentalists.