1. Buy nothing: Follow MNN Lifestyle blogger Siel Wu's advice and reduce, reuse, and recycle to fulfill your holiday shopping this year.  

2. Carpool: Black Friday shopping is all the more fun when you do it with friends.  So save gas, reduce carbon emissions, save on parking, and share laughs by carpooling with friends.

3. B.Y.O.B.: Sorry, it's not what you think.  This is B.Y.O.B. as in bring your own bottles and bags. You are gonna need them!

4. Hit the thrift: Looking for some Black Friday deals? Stop at your local thrift store to check some items off of your list.  Your purchase will help reduce waste and save you a fortune on your shopping list.

5. Buy green: Dollars are tight this year, so use your to do the most good by purchasing products that are easy on the planet.  From cosmetics to electronics you can save money and the planet by buying gifts made sustainably.  Check out MNN's green shopping posts for ideas.    

6. Look for the flag: When possible, choose American made products that are less likely to contain lead or other toxic materials.  Buying American also reduces shipping and thus carbon emissions.  

7. Go local: Support local stores and do your Black Friday shopping at nearby stores.  It's a way to support your neighbors, save money on gas, and reduce the emissions it would take to travel farther.  

8. Save it for Cyber Monday: The latest trend in holiday shopping is Cyber Monday...where you'll find your deals and steals on the web. If you've got wi-fi, you can make a party of it by inviting friends over so that you can share the shopping experience together!

Green tips for Black Friday shopping
Save money while you save the planet with these holiday shopping tips.