With all of the fears about toy safety these days (fueled by the growing number of toy recalls,) it's good to see that a company is looking into the process of certifying the environmental claims made by toy manufacturers.  The Environmental labeling group, EcoLogo will be developing these standards in the next 12- to 18-month in an "open and transparent" process that will begin by outlining key environmental issues and questions to be addressed.  Toy manufacturers and retailers are free to participate in the standards development process. According to the company, after the standard is finalized, any manufacturer that demonstrates compliance with the standard will be eligible for EcoLogo certification.

EcoLogo is a third-party eco-labeling program that was established in 1988 by the Canadian government and today is run by TerraChoice Environmental Marketing. From their CEO:


"Growing numbers of toys and children's products have been making environmental claims like 'all natural' and 'earth friendly' without consistent meanings to the terms and without providing any proof of the accuracy or relevance of the claims," says Scot Case, executive director of the EcoLogo program. "The new EcoLogo standard will define clear criteria that products must meet before they can claim environmental leadership."
via Playthings
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