A few days ago, I wrote a post about finding green baby clothes on a budget. And today I want to follow up on that post by offering tips for keeping your baby's wardrobe clean, green, and healthy. Whether you bought your baby clothes at a yard sale, in a store, or on the web, the clothes may contain dust or toxins that will irritate you baby. Washing will not only clean them but it will also make the clothes softer.

Go for the green
Take special care when washing baby’s clothing. Most conventional laundry detergents are made from synthetic, petroleum-based chemicals that are loaded with artificial dyes, fragrances and optical brighteners. These chemicals not only wash off into the environment, they also leave a residue on clothing that can irritate and damage your baby’s delicate skin. Look for green laundry detergents made from vegetable-based cleaning agents that do not contain artificial dyes or fragrances, are more effective at removing dirt, stains and odors from clothing, and are gentler for your baby.

Soften up
Avoid commercial fabric softeners on all of your clothes and especially when you are cleaning your baby’s garments. Fabric softeners are made from oils that decrease the absorbency of diapers and may be harmful to your baby’s health. Pour a quarter-cup of vinegar into your laundry machine during the rinse cycle to keep baby clothes soft and to help remove soap from the clothing fibers.

Show us your whites

Never use chlorine bleach to whiten clothes. It is incredibly damaging to the environment and harsh against your baby’s skin. Use hydrogen peroxide or natural sunshine to whiten and brighten whites.

Let it all hang out

If possible dry baby clothes on a clothes line. Indoors or outdoors, using a clothes line will help you save money on your electric bill and reduce your impact on the environment. And clothes that are dried on an outdoor clothes line can use the brightening, drying, and freshening power of the sun and outdoor air to boost cleaning power.

Green-washing your baby clothes
Eco-tips for keeping baby's wardrobe clean and healthy.