There is so much to think about when decorating a child's room, and it can be hard enough to match your kid's tastes with your own (especially when it comes to tweens and teens.)  But it's also incredibly important to keep the planet in mind. Even if all your child does in her room is sleep, she will spend one-third of her growing years in her bedroom. Bump this number up even more if she hangs out in her room to read, play, or watch TV.  So it makes sense to make this room as green as possible, both for her health and for the environment.  Here's how to green her room:

  • Keep it simple: Contrary to the marketing hype, you do not need loads of furniture to make your kid's room look great.  Talk to your kids about what they need in their room and skip the rest.
  • Buy pieces that grow with your kids: When selecting furniture, look for items that will grow with your child, such as toddler beds that turn into "big kid" beds or changing tables that become dressers or desks. These items will save you a fortune in the long run and keep your old stuff from filling up the landfill.
  • No-VOCs: Kids...from babies to teenagers...are still growing and developing.  And their fragile immune systems are especially susceptible to the potential health risks associated with VOCs. Paint your child's room with low or no-VOC paint and Use low-VOC carpet (or better yet, save yourself the cleaning hassle and skip carpeting altogether).
  • Shop green: Look for gently used furniture whenever possible to jazz up your child's's cheaper and better for the planet.  Seconhand furniture also has already "outgassed" any chemicals that may have been used in it's poroduction, making it safer for your kids to be exposed to.  If you do need to purchase new, be very selective. Cheap furniture, while tempting for the budget, typically contains formaldehyde and high-VOC particle board. Steer clear of products that carry the label “known to the state of California to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity,” as it likely contains these toxins. If your budget allows, look for furnishings that uses FSC-certified wood.

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Green your child's bedroom
Decorate your kid's room with the planet in mind.