Want to take on an environmental project to green your school? HP and DoSomething.org want to help you do it, and they're giving away five laptops and $5,000 to the teams with the best ideas.

Check out the Do Something website to sign up or see if another student in your area has signed up to complete a project. If you've already got an idea, you can register or you can browse the idea suggestions and learn how to start a school recycling program, a school garden or a "Lights Out" Day. You can also get tips on recycling e-waste and greening your next prom or school dance.  

Winners will be chosen based on the number of students involved (the school with the most registered students will win a green prom), creative use of technology, and awareness raised through the project.

Upload projects to your school profile page by April 1 for a chance to win.

Green your school: Win $5K
HP and DoSomething.org want you to green your school, and they're giving away laptops and cash to help you do it.