Here is a cool craft idea for the kids to try out on Superbowl Sunday.  Start with 2 sheets of recycled/reused construction paper in your team's colors, a pair of scissors and some tape. 

Start by cutting each sheet of construction paper in to 1 inch strips. Line up all of the colors from one sheet and tape at the top and bottom to hold your placemat together.

Weave the strips from the second sheet of construction paper into the first, in an alternating "over-under" pattern.

Weave the next strip in the opposite "under-over" pattern.

Continue weaving until you have completed your placemat.

There you have it.  If you want to keep your placemat around for a while, cover it front and back with contact paper.  I suppose this craft woud work with Cardinal colors as well!  Go Steelers!!

Green your team colors for the Superbowl
A cool eco-craft for the Superbowl.