No sooner does a school year start before parents are inundated with fundraising requests for everything from cookies to wrapping paper. And sadly, most of the items our schools sell to raise money are low-quality foods, junk, or paper products that parents simply do not want. Surely, there is a greener way for kids to help raise money for their school without trashing the planet, right?


A number of cool organizations have stepped up to the plate recently to give schools, students, and parents greener fundraising. Greenraising ( and Lets Go Green ( are two such businesses that offer eco-friendly fundraising opportunities. Both companies have a wide range of products to choose from such as SIGG water bottles, eco-friendly cleaning products, and recycled office supplies...products that help spread the green while schools earn some green. Here are some more green fundrasing options:

Fair Trade Chocolate: Divine Chocolate,

Fair Trade Coffee: Grounds For Change,

Electronic Waste Recycling: Project Kopeg,

Books: Better World Books,

Green School Supplies:

Reusable Bags: Chico Bag,, Ecobags, , or,

Raise funds for your school or club without trashing the planet.