Terra Wellington is a green mom who knows how difficult it can be to juggle money, time, family and eco-savvy choices each day. She's also a blogger and writer who has put together a new book,The Mom's Guide to Growing Your Family Green, that helps other moms go green at home, at school, at work, on vacation and everywhere in between.

As someone who writes about green parenting for a living, I was pretty impressed with the comprehensive nature of The Mom's Guide. It really covers every topic on the eco-spectrum that moms (and dads) come across when caring for their families. I love Wellington's recipe for organic pest control for the yard, her tips on avoiding harmful chemicals in personal care products and her ideas for vacationing with the planet in mind.

And as a mom, I love how quick and easy the book is to read and put into practice.  

According to Wellington, The Mom's Guide is designed for regular mothers — not scientists or environmentalists or tree-hugging hippies — who care primarily about their family, their homes, their community and their local schools.  

Wellington also offers a section called "Getting your family on board," for parents and kids who aren't as eager to jump on the eco-bandwagon. This is something that I'm asked about frequently by parents who want to get their kids (or spouses) involved in going green but don't want to have to nag them about it. Wellington's tip? Focus on making small lifestyle changes that help the planet without adding any work to your busy schedule. In this way, Wellington says, "not only will this approach reward you and your family with both short- and long-term benefits, but it will also raise the next generation to be healthier and more environmentally conscious adults who will continue to impact their families and communities for the better."

Now that's advice that any mom ... or dad ... can afford to squeeze into their day.

Growing families green
'The Mom's Guide to Growing Your Family Green' offers fast tips to help moms make eco-savvy choices.