Looking for creative ways to celebrate Hanukkah with your kids? Try your hand at some of these easy eco-crafts. They are simple to put together and most require nothing but items you already have laying around your house. Be'hatzlacha!


Menorahs: Whether you choose plastic spoons, egg cartons, toilet paper tubes or marshmallows, there are lots of creative ways to light the menorah this year.


Dreidels: Dig through your recycling bin for milk cartons or scrap paper and whip up one of these cool dreidels. Better yet, try your hand at making these dreidel magnets or mini dreidel cakes to share with your kids.


More Hanukkah fun: Want to get even more festive? Try making window sparklers, a gelt bag, or a Hanukkah wreath or gift can.  



Hanukkah crafts for kids
Easy, DIY eco-crafts to celebrate those eight crazy nights!