One of Canada's largest sporting goods manufacturers, Bauer Hockey, is recalling about 100,000 children’s hockey sticks across North America after Health Canada warned the company of possible lead content. According to Kevin Davis, Bauer's CEO, all of the sticks except one model, were manufactured before 2008 in one of the company's Chinese factories.

The massive recall was prompted after Health Canada informed Bauer on Feb. 18 that it had conducted a random test and discovered the paint on the Nike Bauer Supreme One50 composite stick contained lead well in excess of the allowable limit. The Health Canada analysis showed that the recalled sticks contained a total lead level of 2.3 percent, nearly 40 times the maximum allowable limit of 0.06 percent.  

Davis said Bauer has now identified all of the raw materials that were the source of the recall, and a new level of testing has been established so this does not happen again. He also added that when customers return one of the recalled sticks, they will receive a brand new "elite level" hockey stick.

Hockey sticks recalled for high lead levels
Canadian hockey stick manufacturer recalls sticks worldwide due to high lead content.