Earlier this week, I wrote a post with tips on helping your kids transition from the lovely, lazy days of summer to the more structured routine of school.  To follow-up, I asked some of my real-parent friends on Facebook if they utilize tips like those in the post, or if they just wing it and let the transition come as it may in the first week of school.  Here's WAT they had to say:
"We push back bedtime and countdown to the first day." W. Richards
"I say "wing it". I don't have kids, but I wouldn't want to be the Mom buzz kill and start talking about school in July. Let's enjoy summer while it's here. Just sayin'." A. Thompson
"We keep an eye on bedtime the week before school starts. And Sophie already has her first day of school outfit picked out. Also the rituals of meet the teacher day and of shopping for school supplies gets everyone excited." M. Williams
"When my kids were very young we would gradually change our routine as school approached. Now that they are a bit older (9, 11 and 12) we enjoy summer up to the very last second. Somehow it works and the meltdowns are minimal!" L. Alper
"I alter bed times." E. Creveling
"We adjust bedtime back to normal the week or so leading up to the first day of school. Other than that we pretty much wing it. They've never had an issue." A. Short
"We wing it. The first week of school is transitional anyway." K. Newman
"All of the above!!! It helps me as well!" D. Pavlik
"Move bedtime back starting about 2 weeks before." S. Baker
"We wing it. Might as well enjoy summer as long as you can!" H. Embry
"We started getting them in the mindset a couple of weeks out - more structured evenings, more reading, pulling together supplies for first day back, etc." D. MacEachern
"Elliot is ready now. School shopping usually motivate them both. I like the idea of a count down calendar." B. Downing
"We usually try the bedtime. Gonna be tough with our older one, this year she goes a hour earlier." J. Minzola
"Push back bedtime. The "chose an outfit" doesn't work for us--Nate wears a uniform to school, LOL! But I like the countdown idea!" C. Santini
"I homeschool, but to get back into school mode we are starting now with a small lesson per day." L. Horlander
"I keep the schedule the same all year round." J. Eyers-McLaughlin
"We squeeze the life out of every last day. Museums, pools, camping, road trips, play dates, and show up to school ready (or not) for a trial by fire." T. Norton
Now let's hear from you.  How do you help your kids get ready to go back to school?
How real parents help their kids get back to school
Moms and dads from across the web offer advice from the trenches on helping kids get ready to go back to school.