With Passover here and Easter fast approaching, observing families everywhere are getting ready for Easter services and Passover seders to commemorate the season. For adults, these services are a chance to reflect and renew your convictions on the meaning of the season. But for kids, these religious services can mean hours of fidgeting and fussing while trying to avoid getting scolded every time they talk or wiggle.

So what do you do to help the gets stay engaged — and quiet — during different religious or social services? Do you bribe them? Wear them out at the park ahead of time? Bring along quiet entertainment? Here is what moms around the cybersphere recommend:

Diane MacEachern, Big Green Purse. "When our kids were little, we'd take books for them to read in church, something with a theme appropriate to the occasion. We usually sat in back in case we had to leave early if their patience just wore out. We tried not to take food (unless it was a baby bottle) or sippy cups."

Anna Hackman, Green Talk. "There are a lot of great children Passover haggadahs for the seder. They are short, colorful and keep the children engaged. For Passover, it is really the seders.

Elise Marshall Jones, Here in this House. "Quiet entertainment — coloring, books, sticker books, etc. We do it every Sunday and they are great. They even participate in the service now too. We've found since we started explaining what was going on and why, they have become much more engaged and really look forward to seeing what's going on and getting it!"

Diane Emery Hoffmaster, Turning the Clock Back. "[Our] church always has weekly pamphlets that they can color that has mazes and puzzles with a biblical theme. But, if [they are] fussy always brought them out to the nursery when they were really little."

How do you keep your kids quiet and engaged during religious services?

How to keep kids engaged (and quiet) during religious services
Moms around the blogosphere share their tips for helping kids make it through religious ceremonies without getting in trouble.