Looking for a way to create some spooky decor this Halloween? Look no further than these ghoulishly fun DIY skeleton bottles. Sure you could buy a bunch of Halloween decorations at the store, but with a little time and air-dry clay, you can create these fun decorations instead.

User MymlanOhlin recently posted an amazing tutorial for this project on Imgur and it looks easy enough for even newbie DIYers to try. Here's a closer look at how it all comes together:

Skeleton Hand craft Print out an anatomically correct sketch of a human hand. (Photo: MymlanOhlin/Imgur)

MymlanOhlin started out with a Google search for an anatomically correct hand. You may need to size it down before you print like she did so that you can fit the hand on your bottle.

Clay Sculpting Tools Most of the shaping can be done by hand, but these tools are helpful if you have them. (Photo: MymlanOhlin/Imgur)

As you can see in the image at the top, MymlanOhlin had plenty of clay-shaping tools at her disposal, but these are the only two that she actually used. If you don't have clay sculpting tools on hand, don't worry as she said she actually did most of the clay shaping by hand.

Clay Hands Using clay sculpting tools or your hands, shape each individual bone and lay it out on the template. (Photo: MymlanOhlin/Imgur)

Using regular air-dry clay, MymlanOhlin shaped each bone individually and then laid them out on the template. She let them dry overnight, flipped each piece over, and let them all dry again for another 24 hours. Next she glued the bones to the template, cut away any extra pieces of template, and colored any pieces of template that showed through to match the color of the bottle.

Skeleton template Color any visible bits of template to match your bottle. (Photo: MymlanOhlin/Imgur)

Finally, she glued the bones in place and voilà...a skeleton bottle was born!

Skeleton bottle This DIY project is handy, isn't it? (Sorry, we had to.) (Photo: MymlanOhlin/Imgur)

For all the details about this hauntingly cool project or to see how she made the skeleton skull bottle (also pictured above,) check out the complete gallery and how to on Imgur.

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