Ever heard of snow candy?

If you are a Little House devotee, you probably know just what I'm talking about.  My youngest daughter started reading the series this year and she came across the recipe for snow candy early on.  She has been begging me to try it for weeks, and fortunately (sigh) Mother Nature has once again provided a bounty of fresh snow for us to work with.

The recipe, from the Little House website, calls for one cup of molasses, one cup of brown sugar, and a bowl of fresh clean snow.  Fortunately, I had all of these ingredients on hand before we got snowed in.

Boil the molasses and sugar until it looks like this:

Then pour it onto your snow.  Be super careful here as the mixture is hot and reacts quickly to the snow.  

One note here.  I should have followed the directions and spread the snow into a shallow pan. This would have made for thinner pieces of candy.  There were no complaints from my galley of taste testers, but I think it would be easier on the teeth if the candy were thinner.

For the last step, break the candy into small pieces and set it out to dry.


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