As evidenced by my previous posts on eco-savvy nail polish, I love to paint my toes. I strive to keep it green by purchasing only nontoxic paints.  ut still, I've often wondered what to do with the dibbles of polish that are left in those little glass bottles. Here's what I've learned about reusing every little bit of your nail polish:


Divide and conquer: If you have several leftover bottles of nail polish in your stash, sort through the colors and styles to see which ones can be combined and which ones are too far gone to use on your nails. If you have several shades of pink, combine them together to make a new shade for your collection.

Make your mark: For the colors that can't be reused or combined, use the remaining polish to label items like potted plants or keys around your home.  

Cover and seal: Got a little bit of clear nail polish left? Use it to fix a run in your hosiery and rust proof the bottom of metal toiletry cans.

Get crafty: Incorporate leftover polish into your craft projects. Let the kids use the polish in lieu of paint to create a mosiac or paint on ceramics. Kids can use the nail polish brush or a toothpick to paint flowers, stripes and polka dots on their latest masterpiece.

How to reuse old nail polish
A few tricks to make the most of all that leftover nail polish.