How do you plan to spend Earth Day this year? Will you participate (or organize) a local park cleanup? Work on a recycling craft with your kids? Hit the backyard and work in your garden?  

There is no right or wrong way to commemorate Earth Day. The idea is to celebrate the day in a way that makes you feel connected to the Earth. As for me, I am organizing an Earth Day 5K in my hometown, a run that will be followed by our local Earth Day festival. It's all great family fun and something I'm always so proud to be a part of.  

Here's how some other green moms from around the Web plan to spend the day...

Karen Lee (ecoKaren). "Going to the Green Festival in NYC!"

Michelle (Everything's Abuzz) "We have an annual festival in our town and we organize a neighborhood beach clean up. All the kids grab their gloves and head to our beach to clean it up."

Ronnie Citron-Fink (Moms Clean Air Force) "I'm also going to the Green Fest." Also, don't forget to check out MCAF's It's My Future Earth Day Contest

Leigh Ann (Green4U) "I just wrote a post that is going up on Friday about how I am treating Earth Day like a holiday with my kids and compared what I am doing to typical holiday traditions (especially since they are so young) and when they get older we will be even more social for Earth Day like beach clean ups and party at our house with their friends doing fun Earth Day like things."

Elise Jones (Here In This House) "I am going to my daughter's school to help with an area clean up and plant flowers. We also are doing a craft out of recycled items. We too will be celebrating at home like it is a major holiday and will watch Planet Ocean on DVD to cap it off."

Diane MacEachern (Big Green Purse) "I always plant at least part of my garden on Earth Day, and take a hike somewhere just to be outside. I'm sure I'll be tweeting, FBing and emailing a lot, too."

Lori Popkewitz Alper (Groovy Green Livin) "This year Earth Day falls on the last day of our school vacation week. We have spent the week hiking, sightseeing and spending quality time together. I would love to head to Green Fest one of these years!

Sabrina Radke (Eco Baby Mama Drama) "I'm co-hosting the great cloth diaper change Saturday."

Abbie Walston (Farmer's Daughter) "Just hanging out at the farm, as usual. I'm hoping my boys will grow up to love and protect family farms and the environment."

Stephanie Moram (Good Girl Gone Green) "I am staying home with little J. and will probably wrap him up and perhaps do a cleanup."

For more ideas on eco-savvy things to do on Earth Day (and everyday,) check out these tips from The Green Sisterhood.

How will you spend Earth Day?

How will you spend Earth Day?
Green moms from around the Web share their plans for celebrating Earth Day this year.