Do you have an innovative solution to protect the environment? Would you like $1,000 to make it happen?

Planet Connect is handing out $1,000 grants to high school students with creative ideas and actions to fix environmental problems in schools or communities across the U.S. If you're interested, don't miss the deadline. The application is due by Nov. 16, 2009, so put the finishing touches on your idea and get it out there.

Here's a look at a few of last year's winners:

  • Natalie Lucas, a senior from Flagstaff, Ariz., developed a project called Flagstaff Go Plastic Free to help the Flagstaff community become plastic bag-free by raising awareness of alternatives and the potential for recycling.  
  • For Bridgette Amezquita's project, Mission Possible: Educating Latino Communities about Healthy Fish Consumption, the senior from Inglewood, Calif., will show her community the dangers of consuming fish that have ingested dangerous chemicals.
  • Eleventh-grader Genesis Godoy's Recycled Fashion Show educates students and local community members about how much water is used to create textiles, the amount of space they occupy in landfills and the overall waste that accumulates with the frequent purchase and discard of clothing.
  • Anthony Simpson, a senior from Washington, D.C., proposes to beautify his school campus and his community by eliminating the amount of yard waste and food scraps thrown on the ground. For his project, The Compost that Does the Most, he will design, build and strategically place compost bins throughout these areas to help turn garbage into fertilizer.
Good luck! 
HS students: Get $1K for your eco-idea
Got a good idea to save the planet? Planet Connect may just give you $1000 to make it happen.