What did your kids get for Christmas? If you're Sarah Burge, then the answer to that question is — wait for it — plastic surgery. The self-confessed "surgery addict," from Britain gave her 7-year-old daughter a £7,000 (that's roughly $11,000 in U.S. dollars) voucher for liposuction for Christmas. And while that may sound odd, it should pair nicely with the £6,000 (about $9,000) boob job voucher that the little girl got for her most recent birthday.


I had not heard of Sarah Burge before this story broke in the U.S. news recently, but she has been making headlines for the past few years in in the U.K. with her quest to become a "Human Barbie." The 51-year-old British woman has apparently spent more than $1 million dollars nipping and tucking herself to look more like her plastic role model. And she wants to make sure that her daughters do the same.


Last year, Burge made her debut in the headlines when it was revealed that her daughter Hannah, at age 15, had become the youngest person in the U.K. to try Botox. Burge told the British newspapers at the time that she was thrilled that her daughter had decided to use Botox and that she had given Hannah the injection at 15 because she “didn’t want her to look haggard” by the age of 25.


Now, as a mom, I really, really try hard not to judge other moms too harshly. After all, just because something may not be important to me does not mean it should be completely devalued. But wow, WOW, Sarah Burge is really make this tough on me. Telling your daughter that she will look like a "haggard" at 25 if she doesn't inject toxins into her body ... that's some healthy body-image talk, dontcha think? And giving your 7-year-old — who should be playing with ponies having tea parties — a voucher for a boob job? And liposuction? Or how about the pole dancing lessons that she is giving her daughter in the video below?




I can't quite wrap my head around all this. My only hope for these girls is that they go through such a rebellious phase as teenagers that they decide to throw all of their makeup and sequined dressed and plastic surgery vouchers into the trash and vow to live their lives wearing comfy clothes and making headlines for something other than their looks.


Too harsh? What do you think about Sarah Burge's latest gift to her youngest daughter?

Human Barbie: British mom gives daughter plastic surgery for Christmas
Self-proclaimed 'surgery addict' Sarah Burge gives her 7-year-old a voucher for liposuction for Christmas.