In Japan's Miyazaki Prefecture, people come from far and wide to see the flowers at a small dairy farm run by local residents, Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki. But it's not so much the flowers that have made the Kuroki farm so famous, it's the love story behind them.

Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki have lived at the dairy farm since shortly after they married in 1956. They raised two children and worked hard on the farm for decades. After 30 years, with both of their children grown and living on their own, the couple had planned to retire and spend their days traveling around the country.

玄関前!! 看板に「春の絨毯」と謳われていたのがよくわかる(^^) 見事としか言いようがない!!

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But something went wrong. At the age of 52, Mrs. Kuroki went blind due to a complication from diabetes. She was devastated over her blindness and to have her lifelong dream dashed, so she began spending more and more time indoors, shutting herself away from the natural world that she had loved so dearly.

黒木さんが育てた芝桜!! 靖子さんのために一握りの芝桜を植えて庭造りを始めてから長い年月をかけてここまで広大な庭を作り上げ、一年のうちに花の咲くわずかな時間のために労力を惜しまず無償で妻や人々を喜ばせるためだけに、78歳の敏幸さんは毎日...

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Upset to see his wife so depressed, Mr. Kuroki had an idea to plant some pink shibazakura flowers, or moss phlox, in their garden. He knew she couldn't see the flowers, but he hoped that she could smell them. For the next two years, he continued planting until thousands of flowers bloomed in an aromatic blanket around their home.

敏幸さん格好良すぎる!! 籠にたくさんの雑草や枯れた芝桜を入れ、昼前なので作業を終了することになったのか、屈めていた腰を上げて腰をさすりながら、「あんた一人で来たっけ?」と言われたので、「昨日会社でここん話聞いて、単車飛ばして一人で来ま...

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Today, as many as 7,000 people flock to the Kuroki farm each spring. They come to see the beautiful display of pink flowers, to smell their gorgeous scent, and to see the smile on Mrs. Kuroki's face as she walks in her garden, hand in hand with her husband, enjoying her visitors and the world around her.

靖子さん!!! 人の輪の中心にいるのが、なんと靖子さん。 花見客のみなさんと楽しそうに談笑していて本当に楽しそうにしている(^^)花見客が「こんなに大事にされて幸せですね」というと靖子さんが「一緒に苦労したから、ようして...

Posted by Yoshiyuki Matsumoto on Sunday, April 20, 2014
Husband spends 2 years planting flowers for his blind wife to enjoy
Visitors flock to see the flowers, and witness the love story that inspired them.